About Us

Aarna Capital is a brokerage founded by professional traders with professional traders in mind. The formation of Aarna Capital is the culmination of twenty years of experience and high achievement in the fastest developing markets in the financial industry. Inspired by our founders with true and trusted vision for pioneering products, technological and financial innovation, we at Aarna are:

Truly dedicated to integrity

Truly dedicated to stability amidst volatility

Truly dedicated to your prosperity

Truly yours

At Aarna, we are relentlessly focused on our clients. We believe that success in modern brokerage is not a zero-sum game and both our own and our client's success is driven by our firm's competency in delivery. Aarna works at the forefront of new ideas and new technologies. We strive to provide our customers with most advanced trading tools, which allows us to meet the challenges of trading modern global markets quickly and efficiently. We are open to conceptual collaboration and always welcome discussions with both our partners and clients on how and what we can do better to facilitate their trading. Aarna Capital respects its clients and we uphold integrity through fair, frank and professional conduct of our business. We understand, and service our clients today and we make sure we understand our client's needs and requirements for tomorrow.

Abu Dhabi Global Markets

Aarna Capitals regulation by Abu Dhabi Global Market [ADGM] makes it a hub for local, regional and international institutions. The ADGM's main defining regulatory characteristic is that English common law applies to the transactional and structural regulation and forms part of its law. The legal application of the principals of trust, security and corporate law make it ideal for complicated and specifically derivative transactions through the sophisticated netting provisions its regulation provides.

It is with the primacy of our clients in mind that Aarna Capital is founded in ADGM. Benefitting from the optimal mix of prudent regulation and international equivalency Aarna's customer trading is conducted within a business-friendly environment within the context of international best practice recognised by major financial centres around the world. Supported the ADGM's regulatory framework and legal jurisdiction

Aarna Capital is a category 3A licenced broker. The implication of this for our clients is that we offer continuity and stability in our services while regulations in our active market places are constantly under review and heavily subject to change. As a business run for professional traders Aarna conducts, no proprietary business and only ever acts as agent or matched principal for our clients. Our team have developed and honed their trading expertise during the electronification of the markets. Both the firms staff and owners are geared to facilitating customer business with buy-side intuition. As delivering trading performance is as the forefront of Aarna's business philosophy doing so from ADGM means our client's transactional funds are secure, relationships with counterparties robust and technology support as efficient as it is transparent.